Scan And Order

How much is a scan code ordering system?


How to develop the QR code ordering system?


Scan code ordering/ordering system can not only improve business efficiency and reduce the error rate in the actual operation process, but also reduce the expenditure of human resources and ease the financial pressure of the enterprise. With the overcoming of related technologies, the code scanning ordering/ordering system with the above-mentioned advantages has begun to become a major trend in the development of the industry.


So, how much is a scan code ordering system? How to develop the QR code ordering system? In the actual business process, how should we carry out the promotion of scan and order system?


First, how much is a scan code ordering/ordering system?


The main case of using third-party programmers to develop the comprehensive statistical data of outsourcing resources website, develop a set of scanning code ordering/ordering system with targeted functions, the price is around 1.5w-2w, and the original template is used for secondary development. The cost is between 3000-8000 yuan, and the price is relatively fair.


According to the software company’s quotation, a set of mature scan code ordering/ordering system development, customized development is 2w+, the specific price depends on the difficulty, and the template-based secondary development is about 3000-8000 yuan, and the third party The average price for programmers to develop outsourcing resource websites is not much different.


Secondly, how much is a scan code ordering/ordering system?


From the perspective of development, the QR code ordering/ordering system is developed in accordance with customized development and template development, and has two different prices. The cost of the former is relatively high, and the general industry standard is around 2w. The specific price depends on factors such as product development difficulty and development cycle. The template development of the scan code ordering/ordering system is relatively cheap, and the price of a complete set of products with corresponding functions is generally less than about 8,000 yuan, which is suitable for companies with relatively low budgets.


Finally, in the actual business process, how do we promote the QR code ordering/ordering system?


Because of the help of actual application scenarios, the promotion of the scan and order system is relatively smooth for enterprises. There are also many tips to improve promotion efficiency.

Taking a catering company as an example, it is possible to promote the scan code ordering/ordering system by scanning the QR code to order/ordering meals at a relatively more favorable price than the non-scanning ordering/ordering prices. This will not only attract the attention of customers, but also reduce their resentment and increase the willingness of customers.


Secondly, you can also register as a store member by ordering/ordering by scanning the QR code to enjoy discounts and promoting the promotion of ordering/ordering by scanning the QR code by tying the user information to the height of the scanning order/ordering system. To achieve a highly Internet-based operation of the enterprise, while improving efficiency, create exclusive private domain traffic.