Customer Aquisition

How do social software and mini programs promote customer acquisition?


Where to capture private domain traffic for enterprises?


In a broad sense, the promotion of customer acquisition can also be referred to as traffic acquisition, which is particularly prominent with the development of the industrial Internet. So, how do social software, mini programs, and third-party platforms capture their own traffic? What are the common drainage channels for enterprises? What about the mini program promotion platform, mini program promotion software, and mini program promotion model?


1. Common promotion and customer acquisition (ie: grabbing traffic) mode


① "Inductive" download


Social software, mini programs, and third-party platforms can attract customers to download registration benefits (such as: register to send cash red envelopes, small gifts, invite new users to join and enjoy product privileges, etc.) to attract customers to download.


This process needs to use the existing huge traffic as the carrier, and it can be carried out through the information flow advertising of self-media platforms such as watermelon video, good-looking video, Douyin, and Kuaishou. It can also be carried out through self-media big V planting grass, Xiaohongshu Amway, Baidu’s hot search keywords SEO optimization and ad placement methods, the specific delivery method and quantity, can be carried out according to the product characteristics and the company’s internal budget.


②Purchase with real registration volume 


In addition to guiding customers to download, social software, mini programs, and third-party platforms that need to obtain a large amount of traffic in a short period of time to obtain the next round of financing can also be done through real registration volume purchases. It is mainly reflected in two aspects: "online marketing" and "offline marketing". The two are similar in nature, but there are also certain differences because of the different implementation carriers, as follows:


Online marketing is mainly carried out through social relationship (such as WeChat group, QQ group) advertising to obtain registration volume, while offline marketing is to achieve customer retention by pulling down users online. but. It is worth noting that, regardless of whether it is online or local, there are certain data fraud problems. This requires the brand to have a high degree of technical recognition (such as registered device IP query, etc.).


2. Common customer acquisition channels for enterprises


① Major short video platforms


Short video platforms, such as Kuaishou, Douyin, Watermelon Video, Haokan Video, etc., are all good drainage channels. Enterprises can convert this public domain traffic into private domain traffic with concentrated target customers through relevant information flow advertising.


② Major social media platforms


Social media platforms, such as Zhihu, Weibo, Tieba, etc. Enterprises can acquire customers through advertisment placement and KOLs.


③Major grass-growing communities


The grass-growing community is like a little red book. Companies can acquire customers and shape their reputation through advertizing.