Which customer service system is better? How to build a customer service mini program?


How much does it cost?


At present, due to the acceleration of the pace of life and work, the patience of consumers is gradually decreasing. The most direct manifestation of this is that consumers with obvious intentions turn to other homes within a few minutes after the customer service fails to respond in time.


The lack of consumer patience has made a customer service system that can answer customers’ questions in time and promote sales completion has become a rigid demand for sales-oriented enterprises. Taking the clothing industry, cosmetics and other industries as examples, special customer services in different fields are generally set up to solve different problems of different customers, including but not limited to product introduction, how to match, etc. However, purely manual services are not only costly, but are also prone to business errors, causing the loss of established customers.


In this environment, the smart customer service system, customer service applet, etc., have begun to become the selection indicators that are deeply supported by the majority of merchants. The details are as follows:


1. Possess a rich corpus of answers to related questions in different fields, and can provide targeted answers to users' questions to bring them a better and more complete shopping experience.

2. Data sharing of different customer service on duty, distributed solutions to problems raised by customers, and unified external display to minimize the delay caused by the traditional problem transfer process.

3. The customer service system, customer service applet, etc. run stably, and there will be no problems such as crashes.


At present, there are many domestic companies that meet the above three points and are excellent in details. The construction methods and prices are slightly different, roughly as follows:


The establishment of customer service system and customer service applet


1. Download the corresponding customer service system


Download the corresponding customer service system, after registering and logging in, search for the "Mini Program" function to find the "WeChat Mini Program" function and click to enter the setting interface, and click "Add Mini Program".


2. Improve parameter configuration


Open the background of the WeChat applet webpage, set the applet name, original ID, and AppSecret data, etc. and submit.


3. Mini program configuration


After submission, the page will automatically enter the applet configuration page, and the page prompts that you need to copy the applet name, URL, and other values to the corresponding location in the applet backend for configuration.


The price of customer service system and customer service applet


Because of the open source of key technologies, whether it is the customer service system or the customer service applet, the overall price is not high. The specific cost refers to the level of the customer service system and customer service applet, but generally it will not exceed this system.