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Guangzhou MallPraise: Create a service sales applet to help one-stop marketing management


With the rapid development of society, more and more service industries, such as the medical beauty service industry and the catering service industry, have innovatively introduced service sales mini-programs through new Internet technologies such as AI, big data, to effectively improve  privatized traffic of the store, the development of a larger Internet customer base, and the improvement of operating efficiency.


Our company has introduced the Guangzhou MallPraise service sales applet to provide background structure design for various service industries, integrating sales system, commission management, sales management and customer service system to create a new generation of professional services that meet the needs of the service sales industry in the digital age. Mini program solutions help to realize the digital operation organization of the services and sales industry, and help enterprises to achieve an one-stop marketing management through omni-channel and all-round assistance.


Advantages of Guangzhou MallPraise


Through the applet, merchants can sell services and products to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. It is more convenient and fast to use, and can be attached to many high-traffic platforms. Achieving a motto of lowering costs and enhancing efficiency.


Effective promotion and easy operation can increase the pertinence and certainty of service sales through built-in tools to create, execute and analyze digital marketing activities, and make accurate analysis of potential customers with the help of service platforms and data analysis systems, which is more conducive to finding new customers and target customers. To seize business opportunities in the market.


Make data simple. Through data analysis, each merchant is provided with an exclusive data window to help them make data decisions, growth, operation, supply chain, financial management, etc. Improve operating efficiency.


Provide high-quality background services. Professional customer service will accompany you intimately, answer your questions, guide the whole process of the new store launch, and provide customized services for your personal needs. At the same time, the platform also provides decoration, photography and agency operation services. You can also learn about industry product trends in the merchant community and communicate and share with other merchants.


The process and cost of Guangzhou MallPraise


First of all, you need to think about an applet account. This account is very important and is the key to logging in to the applet. Then follow the registration guidelines, select the registration type, fill in all the information and submit it. After the registration is complete, log in again, choose a template that suits your industry style, complete the store design plan one by one, upload products and services, and then you will have your own applet. Guangzhou MallPraise will have corresponding different fees and functions according to the type of registration. Personal Mini Programs are free, with relatively few functions.


Enterprises need to pay enterprise certification fees. The development and design fees are not fixed, which are determined by factors such as the complexity of functions, development cycle and development difficulty, but compared with other service sales, the suppliers of Mini Program solutions are much more affordable, and customers can choose with peace of mind.


Our services and sales mini program solution, providing one-stop shop opening, marketing and management services for enterprises, in order to provide the most trusted and professional services, through continuous optimization of business processes and user experience, comprehensively improve the core of enterprises and merchants Competitiveness. At present, with rich industry insights and large and medium-sized customer service experience, it has won the favor of multi-level enterprises and merchants.