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Sales management system + sales management CRM software better than sales management applet?



Sales management system and sales management CRM software better than sales management applet? In recent days, the emergence of the above formula has instantly become popular on the Internet, which has aroused widespread concern and heated discussions in the industry. What are the magical powers and advantages of the sales management applet that can win such a top spot? We might as well start from the comparison of the three of them!


1. Sales Management System


Sales management system is a popular name for sales management software. It is an advanced tool for managing "customer files", "sales leads", "sales activities", "business reports" and "statistics of sales performance". Its main functional modules include: channel management, project management , Contract management, quotation management, sales machine management, basic collection plan management, service management, commodity management, etc.


In the actual application process, the sales management system is extremely convenient for the staff of various departments of the enterprise, and can effectively avoid the limitations of "error-prone", "difficult to merge", "unable to trace" and other restrictions in the traditional spreadsheet statistical environment. Key problems for further development.


2. Sales management CRM software


Sales management CRM software is a product of extension and expansion based on the sales management system. It emphasizes the continuous strengthening of communication with customers, understanding the basic and deeper needs of customers, and continuously improving products and services to achieve better The basic goal of meeting user needs.


In addition, there are obvious differences in the interaction between sales management CRM software and sales management system. Among them, the establishment of multiple communication channels with customers to facilitate the direct transmission of information is the representative here. In this way, on the basis of realizing basic customer information management, the stickiness of customers can be further increased, and the loss of them over time can be avoided.


3. Sales management applet


There is a big difference between the sales management applet and the sales management system and sales management CRM software at the practical application level. Based on the huge traffic portals such as WeChat, Baidu, and Alipay, it is not only the subject of sales management, but also a way for brands to achieve interaction with users and layout of marketing activities.


In this way, the sales management applet can not only realize the basic functions of sales management system, sales management CRM software in the traditional sense of "customer files", "sales leads", "sales activities", "business reports", "statistics of sales performance" and other basic management functions. , It is conducive to the expansion of new customers.


On the whole, regardless of the cost issue, in terms of practicability and development prospects, the sales management applet has more advantages than the sales management system and sales management CRM software. If you want to come here, it is also a "sales management system and sales management CRM software." "Sales Management Mini Program?" is an important reason that has attracted the attention of the industry and has caused widespread recognition.