Is the QQ mini program worth it? All-round evaluation tells you the answer!

After Tencent successfully developed the WeChat Mini Program, it started to promote the QQ Mini Program in full swing. It is undeniable that such fast and convenient open platforms for applications that do not need to be downloaded are indeed closely related to our lives. Especially in the post-epidemic era, small programs are inseparable from scanning codes, registering, and playing outside. The first generation of merchants who entered WeChat Mini Programs undoubtedly gained huge traffic and corporate experience.

So in the face of QQ, the only communication app in China that can compete with WeChat for one or two, it will naturally not let go of such a large flow of air. Along with the QQ mini program comes the QQ exclusive support plan. QQ will provide traffic support to the settled mini program merchants, relying on special recommendations, group tags, rankings and other mechanisms to provide initial exposure resources to find different types of applets Different positioning users. Faced with such attractive conditions, many businesses are already eager to try, and there are also many people who consult in private messages whether the QQ mini program is worth entering, so today we will analyze the QQ mini program in a comprehensive way and take you to find the answer in your mind.

Our first step is to apply for registration of QQ mini program, make QQ mini program and online development of QQ mini program. I have obtained permission from a friend in the logistics industry to create a QQ mini program for his logistics company. The QQ mini program is currently open for registration, and only the business needs to provide information. This step is very simple and clear. After the review is passed, Then you can make small programs and online development, just write the main functions and demands into the programming. This step may be a bit difficult for friends who do not have computer programming foundation, and you can ask professionals to make it.

After completing these three steps, we will wait for the review again. After the review is passed, we can search and download the QQ Mini Program from the QQ Mini Program Mall. Using three weeks as the experimental sample, the proportion of visitors to the QQ Mini Program is higher than that of the WeChat Mini Program in these three weeks , The transfer rate is also higher than that of WeChat. It can be seen that the support plan for the QQ mini program is not a fiction, and it is of great help to new businesses.

It has been about a month and a half since the development of the mini program. A friend told me that the daily visitor volume of the QQ mini program is still rising, and the core target audience in QQ is young people. Some things that are loved by young people are more likely to be affected. Accepted by users.

In this evaluation, Tencent's ability as a large Internet company can be seen from the registration, production, development, and support ratios after the launch. If you are also a merchant, don’t hesitate, free QQ applets may be able to open up a new world in QQ.