The most comprehensive JD mini program strategy in history

Nowadays, all kinds of e-commerce platforms are blooming and a hundred schools of thought are contending, and every family has used their own housekeeping skills to attract customers. Stabilize the source of customers by constantly adding their own characteristics through large-scale activities. Many of these relatively niche shopping platforms choose to develop small programs as their battlefields. The effect is obvious and it is very suitable for industry competition.

Jingdong also keeps up with current events and launched the Jingdong applet. So, what is the production process of JD Mini Programs? How to apply for registration of JD Mini Programs. Let’s talk about the JD Mini Program Mall today.

Many people want free JD applets. In fact, they have the corresponding programming foundation. As a programmer, it is a very simple matter. Moreover, after the development of the JD Mini Program, it combines the functions of the JD platform, JD Finance, and JD.com's multiple platforms. Greatly enhance the practicality of the applet and the user's sense of use. JD.com Mini Program has various features under JD.com, which extends services to users and also provides more businesses to merchants. At the same time, more non-merchants are invited to settle in and participate in other non-shopping services to form a complete ecological chain.

The production process of JD Mini Programs is not difficult. First, you need to register your own Mini Program account to develop JD Mini Programs. How to apply for registration of the JD Mini Program? Go to the official website of the JD Mini Program, enter your information according to a series of prompts, and fill in according to the prompts. After completing the filling, experienced friends can write their own code for development, and design the function and layout of the small program according to their own ideas.

But friends who have no relevant experience will feel big and don't know how to start. At this time, you can turn to third-party platforms and apply templates from other platforms to fill in. In this way, it is relatively simple to upload product links and product pictures to complete.

After the producer passes the application for admission to the JD Mini Program, the JD Mini Program will give the developer an invitation code. At the same time provide corresponding production tools. Next, the JD applet production process is as mentioned above, you only need to choose according to your own strength.

The JD Mini Program has already fully harvested a large number of loyal fans and attracted many merchants to settle in. JD Mini Programs is still very supportive to merchants. For high-quality Mini Programs, it will also give more support policies to increase traffic and customer sources, and complete customer attraction quickly and accurately.

The above is all about the production process of Jingdong applet. I hope you can complete your own Jingdong applet in front of the screen, and you will get money!