How to apply for registration for Baidu Mini Program? Registration can be completed in 2 steps

Since Baidu's vice president promoted the launch of "Baidu Smart Mini Program" at the Baidu AI Developer Conference in 2018, it has opened a new trend in the mobile Internet era. Many gold prospectors have seen the new model of development in the Internet era. After 3 years, more and more users started to download Baidu applets. It is obvious that the entry of various applets brings not only high traffic, but also longer usage time and higher activity. More real traffic.

Facing the dividends brought by Baidu Mini Programs, more and more capable people have begun to start the process of making Baidu Mini Programs, hoping to create a Mini Program that meets the needs of market users. Get traffic and attention through users using downloads.

How to apply for registration for Baidu Mini Program?


New users who want to open Baidu Mini Programs need to have a Baidu account. Either a new account or your original account can be used.

Secondly, log in to the official website of Baidu Mini Program. Click on the login account in the upper right corner, enter the account number and enter the account registration interface.
Third, add information. This part is to choose the development direction and content of the account. It can be personal or corporate. The nature of the application account determines the content direction and permissions provided by the later operation of the Mini Program.

Fourth, upload relevant qualification information. If you are a business owner, you need to use a business license stamped with an official seal. For personal registration, you need to upload your ID photo and submit it for review. It is worth noting that each account has only 5 opportunities to submit for review.

After adding the above information, there will be a response after waiting for the review for basically 2-5 days. After the review is passed, the application subject is authenticated, and the small program code package can be released.

After going through the above process, you can apply to publish paid or free Baidu Mini Programs. Once a user downloads it, it will bring traffic to the applet. The applet provided by the applicant will also be displayed and recommended in the Baidu applet mall.

In today's life, Baidu is basically closely related to everyone. "If there is a problem, go to Baidu", the phrase slogan has become the spoken language of most people. With the blessing of its own influence, Baidu's small program to achieve hundreds of millions of traffic support is not an empty talk.

The emergence of Baidu applets is a huge business opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises. In today's environment where AI technology has been projected into many industries, the development opportunities brought by the innovation field are immeasurable, and they are also more concerned by entrepreneurs. Nowadays, Baidu Mini Programs has further expanded the scope of development. Whether it is the media, government, individuals, or even students, it is possible to develop Baidu Mini Programs online. Invest in the huge flow of air to start the journey of entrepreneurship and gold.