How to apply for registration for Alipay Mini Program?

After WeChat launched a mini program, Alipay also launched a mini program. How to apply for registration for Alipay Mini Program? What is the production process of Alipay Mini Program? Today we will lead you to learn about and experience Alipay Mini Program.

Perhaps speaking of the Alipay mini program, everyone may still feel a little strange in their hearts. But when it comes to hungry, Gaode, logistics, etc., I believe you will not be unfamiliar, and we can all find these on Alipay. Over the years, the Alipay mini program has not only facilitated merchants, but also made merchandizing a whole lot easier. For those users who can't remembr, they no longer need to download all kinds of softwares taking up large memory spaces. Alipay can realize the software needed to use various scenarios.

The Alipay mini program supports online development, and we can develop the mini program through the Alipay app. First open the Alipay app, search for the applet in the search bar on the Alipay page, and select the applet assistant. Then click Add Now, you can choose to apply for permission from the administrator, use the applet template to create, and independently develop the applet. Users can choose the small program they need and add it to the desktop. After experiencing it, I have to say that the entire registration process is still very quick and convenient, which can be completed in about half an hour. And the whole production is free. So businesses are now able to make free Alipay applets.

In this era when traffic is king, Alipay uses traffic wisely to strengthen the connection between merchants and users. In Alipay, everything from healthy steps, fund stocks to takeaways and running errands is omnipotent. It is precisely because of its omnipotence that it enhances the stickiness between customers and Alipay and has a huge traffic market. Alipay uses its traffic advantages to create small programs. The Alipay mini program is similar to the WeChat applet, but different from the WeChat mini program is that Alipay’s mini program is mainly dedicated to merchants to better serve users. At present, the people who register for Alipay Mini Programs are divided into merchants, service providers and individual developers. Users can download Alipay applets according to their interests, such as our commonly used Harrow bikes, AutoNavi maps, and Are you hungry, etc., can all be used through Alipay applets.

Among the Alipay mini programs, the one that interests me the most is the Alipay mini program mall. Compared with traditional Internet business operations, the Alipay mini program can reduce the operating costs of merchants. Merchants upload relevant product information in the mall. Consumers can choose their favorite products through the applet mall to complete the purchase transaction. In this process, it is recommended that merchants register for Alipay service market to help merchants better quickly get started using the mini program. Through the Alipay applet, we can also see new ideas for the development of Internet commerce in the future. From retail, people's livelihood to government affairs and medical care, Alipay can provide better services to users through the Alipay mini program, and people have to be impressed by the power of the Internet.