How about the KuaiQuPai Mini Program? In-depth evaluation tells you!

Recently, an APP called KuaiQuPai mini program has been launched hotly. According to the official introduction, this is a consumer software specially developed for mobile phone users. It is committed to building the first auction social e-commerce platform in China. It creatively combines the marketing methods of social e-commerce and auction trading methods to maximize discounts. Based on this, it will give consumers a happier and more interesting shopping experience.

Although there are countless shopping apps on the market in recent years, this is the first time I have encountered a shopping app built with "auctions" as the core, so let’s not say much, let’s explore the uniqueness of this unique app. 

After downloading the KuaiQuPai mini program, you first need to apply for registration. Compared with the cumbersome and complicated registration mechanism of a new software that requires layers of verification, the registration of KuaiQuPai mini program is particularly convenient. You only need to fill in simple information to successfully register. Considering the different familiarity of each consumer with mobile phones, it can be said to be very intimate.

Then you can enter the KuaiQuPai mini program. The application is divided into four major sections, namely the "bid section", "bargain section", "merchant section" and "partner section". Each board has its own relative playing methods and characteristics, and it is also very convenient to use. For example, in the auction mode, the highest bidder gets the price. If there is no other "competitor", you can even take a mobile phone with you for one yuan to ensure that everything can enjoy a discount. If there are other "competitors" bidding with you , Then as long as the bid is successful, you can get a red envelope, even if you don’t buy it, you can earn it.

In the KuaiQuPai mini program Mall, there are clear categories, namely: 100 yuan zone, ten yuan zone, mobile phone zone, virtual goods, computer tablets, digital audio and video, etc., covering a wide range and a large number of varieties.

After taking a fancy to an e-sports chair, I also tried my best in the bidding section, and finally succeeded in bidding at a price of 45 yuan, which was far lower than the market price. Three days later, I successfully received the e-sports chair delivered to the door.

From the entire experience process, it is not difficult to see that the developers have conducted a lot of thinking and research on the production process of the Snapshot Mini Program, and accurately analyzed the consumers' psychological demands and user experience. I also learned from the official website that the online development of the Kuaiqupai applet is still in progress, and I keep collecting feedback every day, and strive to make Kuaiqupai the best.

Therefore, in the face of a completely free KuaiQuPai mini program and a brand-new "bid" shopping mode, Snapshot is still very good. It is worth downloading for each of us to experience. I believe this new experience Can bring you a different feeling.