What is the production process of Pinduoduo Mini Program? You need to collect this guide as soon as possible


Today, Pinduoduo has quickly become a "dark horse-level" platform in the e-commerce field in just a few years, and has successfully formed its own brand advantage and platform recognition. While developing, Pinduoduo has also driven the development of the entrepreneurial field. Many small and medium-sized businesses have joined Pinduoduo's platform and used some free Pinduoduo Mini Programs to obtain sufficient commercial profits.

But for some novice entrepreneurs, it is actually more difficult to conduct online development of Pinduoduo Mini Programs and create their own Pinduoduo Mini Program Mall. Because they lack the necessary development conditions, they basically only understand the simple operation of downloading Pinduoduo Mini Programs.

In fact, if you want to achieve substantial development, you must understand the production process of Pinduoduo Mini Program, and you must learn and master the necessary skills and methods yourself. To make a Pinduoduo Mini Program, you must first know how to apply for registration for the Pinduoduo Mini Program. To apply for registration, you need to go through at least three basic steps: first, enter the official website of the applet to get a basic understanding of the certification conditions; second, complete your own corporate information or personal information, and select the email account you need in the future; finally, Activate the account and select the operating entity of the Mini Program.

Of course, if you want to successfully create a Pinduoduo Mini Program Mall that has attracted much attention from consumers, you can learn from and imitate other excellent cases and draw more inspiration.
For example, Pinduoduo's in-app purchase applet is a good reference object. In this small program mall, the products are basically recommended by Pinduoduo, whether it is word-of-mouth or product quality, they can be trusted. The rules of this mini program are also relatively simple. There are two ways for consumers to qualify for in-app purchases. One is to sign in. Regular sign in can get in-purchase coupons to meet your shopping needs; the second is to invite friends around to participate, and according to the number of invitations, determine the final amount of in-purchase coupons.

The main reasons why Pinduoduo in-app purchase applets are so popular with consumers are as follows: First, the rules are relatively simple, the interface is very clear, and it is convenient to share with friends, and there will be no communication difficulties; , The "realism" that the entire mini program wants to show is obvious. Pinduoduo’s employees’ names, job numbers, and departments are clearly displayed in the chat box, allowing consumers to more intuitively understand the product information, and produce enough A sense of trust.

In general, the production process of Pinduoduo Mini Program is actually relatively simple, without too much complicated content, entrepreneurs can have a more in-depth understanding.