Shop Decoration

How do businesses carry out the decoration design of online shops and mini-program shops?


How to find free templates?


Numerous cases tell us that a good decoration design is vital to the sustainable development of an online store and a mini program. So, as a newcomer to the industry, how should we carry out the decoration design of the online store, the decoration design and production of the mini program, and the decoration of the mini program online store? In this process, how should we effectively conduct online shop decoration template production and online shop decoration free full set of templates query? What software should be used for the development and decoration design of online shops and mini programs?


1. Professional company for custom design


Due to factors such as high barriers to entry for relevant professional knowledge (such as the development and decoration of small programs involving front-end, back-end, and UI design), it is difficult for ordinary sales companies to complete it alone, and can only be customized by professional companies.


However, this method has a relatively high cost. With a full set of decoration design for a Tmall flagship store, the average market price is about 1.3w, and the cost of small program development and decoration design is higher (average 1.5w+), and it will produce continuity with the launch of new products and operational management updates. expenditure.


However, the benefits are also obvious. Compared with its own unprofessional technology or third-party template modification, the effect of specialized company customization is better, which can effectively improve the quality of external display, promote brand image building and product sales.


2. How to query the full set of free templates for website and mini program development and decoration?


For businesses with insufficient budgets, a full set of templates for free online shops and small programs to develop and decorate is also a good choice. However, due to factors such as network resources, this resource is not easy to find.


In this regard, we can search for related keywords by blocking bidding advertisements (bidding advertisement websites generally charge a fee and the cost is relatively high), and then screen products to find suitable online stores and mini programs. Develop and decorate a full set of free templates.


3. What software should be used in the decoration design of online shops and small programs?


The decoration design of online shops and small programs requires more software. First of all, in terms of development, development software such as VS and MySQL and database systems are required, and in terms of design, visual design software such as Photoshop is required. You can choose according to the technology you use and the corresponding framework standards.


On the whole, under the condition of sufficient budget, it is better and relatively efficient to choose a third-party professional company to develop and decorate online stores and small programs as much as possible. If conditions do not permit, you can also use free online shops and small programs to develop decoration design templates to make adjustments.