Taobao Mini Program Guide for beginners to get started

Nowadays, the competition among major e-commerce platforms is fierce, and Taobao's traffic is naturally divided by some other live broadcast software. Many businesses have to look for more opportunities on more platforms. But for novices, the first choice is still Taobao. Everyone has set their sights on the Taobao mini program, which brings its own traffic to attract more customers.

Today I will share with you the production process of Taobao Mini Program and how to apply for registration for Taobao Mini Program. If you want to make a mini program, you must understand the whole process and the positioning of your own mini program. Whether it can stand out from the crowd of mini programs has become the key to making mini programs.

Let's take the Taobao Mini Program Mall as an example to share with you the specific Taobao Mini Program production process. Generally, the online development of Taobao mini programs is based on the WeChat platform. Before making a mini program, you need to make corresponding preparations in advance. Domain name, server and SSL certificate are the most basic information needed to make a small program.

The free Taobao applet requires the developer to have a certain programming foundation. Through the WeChat platform, you can apply to choose and register a small program. This requires the designer to have the corresponding required technology, and the language system for making the program is roughly the same as for the web page. Find the appropriate original code according to your own needs, modify and edit, but you must be alert to various BUGs and avoid letting your efforts go in vain.

But for most people, programming technology is not so easy to master, which requires the help of other third-party platforms. At present, there are many well-recognized and well-made Taobao mini program templates on the market. You don't need the creator to master superb technology, just download the Taobao mini program to make it. Choose templates of the same style according to your own needs and positioning, and add a series of functional sections. If you choose the material carefully, the effect will not lose to the self-made effect of the industry leaders.

After selecting the third-party platform, fill it out according to the template, and follow the platform's prompts and help to go through the various processes. You can add the corresponding picture products and links in it, upload your own products, so that you can quickly complete a set of your own Taobao mini program mall.

It is not enough to just complete the production. If you want to make a mini program profitable, you also need to carry out subsequent processing and refinement. Producers can attract traffic through various channels to attract their own source of customers. The Mini Program Mall will be a new rising point. With the continuous development of the Internet age, various software Mini Programs may become a trend. If you want to become a big Taobao customer, you must seize the current opportunity and become the leader. Ministry of flow, grasp the right time.