A Guide on "How to develop WeChat mini programs?"



Everyone knows the popular jumping game, do they not? It is this highly popular game that brings WeChat mini programs into everyone's field of vision. More and more mini-games have emerged in mini-programs, and many merchants have sensed business opportunities. Many shopping e-commerce platforms have turned to WeChat, the huge platform, and have developed their own mini-programs.


Needless to say, the convenient opening method and the light and simple binding operation have properly attracted a lot of fans. Both shopping mini programs and entertainment mini programs have very high user stickiness. So, how to apply for registration for WeChat Mini Program? Is it very difficult? Today, let’s talk about the production process of WeChat Mini Programs.


The online development of WeChat Mini Programs relies on the WeChat platform. The user needs to apply for a small program account, and the registered account can be registered for the small program. Depending on the function and main body of the WeChat Mini Program, the cost required is also different. Free WeChat mini programs do not require payment functions. The main body of such WeChat mini programs is generally an individual with relatively few functions. There is another mini programs that requires a certification fee of 300 yuan. The main body of this mini programs is usually a company, and relatively speaking, it will have more functions.


The WeChat Mini Program Mall is currently the most widely produced Mini Program on the market. This type of Mini Program needs to create a new blank template, or you can directly select the corresponding theme template, and drag components according to your own needs and layout. Drag production. Then fill in the prepared APPID and APPSECRET. Pack it up when you are done.


The next step in the process of making WeChat Mini Programs is to download WeChat Developer Tools. This tool can help us further complete the production of small programs. Fill in your APPID again and upload the unzipped file after packaging. This process may require the creator to have a certain programming foundation and need to learn the language required to complete the program. Or, one can choose templates.


After completing the above steps, upload the file, and the code will be directly submitted to the official backstage of the WeChat mini programs. After logging in to the WeChat mini programs backstage, you can find the document you just submitted in the development management page. After submission, enter the review version. After the review is completed, you can submit it for release, and the small program that has passed the review will be completed and become an online version.


Is the production process of WeChat Mini Programs not as difficult as you think? Hurry up and give it a try, and make your own WeChat Mini Program Mall!